2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.


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Blockchain Solutions for
Reverse Logistics in Recycling


Garbage contamination, erroneous recycling, and lack of motivation and consumer education are crippling curbside recycling programs, leading “cities across the country to examine methods to cut back, or even eliminate recycling programs to save money.” - Contamination Continues to Hurt Recycling Efforts, Robert Carr,Jan 27, 2016 –Waste 360

“…little attention has been given to the best methods to develop overall recycling channels…Currently, the consumers who ‘produce’ materials which can be recycled through their consumption activities often receive no payment for placing recyclables in the channel. Similarly, many government entities actually lose money on their efforts to serve as a part of the channel for recycling.” - Recycling and Reverse Logistics, Robert E. Wright, R. Glenn Richey, Mert Tokman & John C. Palmer. Journal of Applied Businessand Economics vol. 12(5) 2011

Our Mission

PlasticBanQ is building the world’s first true 360-degree Reverse Logistics platform for plastics recycling, leveraging blockchain and introducing the PBQ cryptocurrency, to educate and incentivize consumers, while providing tracking and analytics capabilities for local governments and recycling companies.

Over time, PBQ will be adopted by manufacturers to reward consumers directly for recycling their products (e.g., they buy and distribute PBQ via the platform to incentivize product recycling, garnering green credibility in the process), and to gain insights on how and where their products are recycled.

A scannable PlasticBanQ graphic on packaging will provide precise information not only on the weight and type of plastic being recycled, but also which manufacturer it came from, providing 360-degree product tracking and the basis for a plastics accountability system.

What does PlasticBanQ do?

  • PBQ incentivizes recycling and educational activities, leveraging peer review to improve the quality of recycling materials entering the reverse supply chain

  • PlasticBanQ helps local municipalities and recycling companies and handlers improve their logistics and cost efficiency

  • PlasticBanQ enables entrepreneurs in developing economies to set up profitable community recycling programs, diverting waste away from landfills and oceanic contamination, and back into the supply chain

    Patent Pending 62/743,158


Much like other cryptocurrency based projects, PlasticBanQ leverages its own PBQ token to provide functionality within the platform. PBQ is used to log recycling and logistics data to the blockchain and pay for transaction fees. The big difference is that PlasticBanQ is not performing an ICO, and will not set aside a predefined portion of the generated tokens. Instead PlasticBanQ will draw profits from transaction fees (on average 0.6 to 1.1% of transaction value) and data platform subscription fees, creating a closed-loop tokenized economy.

Note: PlasticBanQ will leverage a Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency platform. Unlike Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, PoS does not rely on raw processing power to secure the chain, making it far less energy intensive, and thus a more eco-friendly option for green projects.

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Blockchain Solutions for Reverse Logistics in Recycling